almost a treatise...

The language of music

It's the only transcendental language
as the only language to be understood immediately without prerequisites.
The most unmusical person can understand a simple melody
and thereby be brought to an uplifting emotional reaction,
which hardly any other language is capable of to the same degree.
However, music has its grammar, which is simple
but without which music is but noise without a meaning.
Like a sentence must consist of subject and predicate to convey any meaning,
music must have melody and harmony and rhythm.
A melody can exist without harmonics and rhythm but is then naked
and needs dressing up. Harmonics is the perfect costume,
while rhythm will make it fit to any purpose universally;
and thus with these three components, melody, harmony and rhythm,
music is superior as language and will get through anywhere,
outshine all languages and unite them,
for any word and language can be set to music.
The natural cosmic order within music
is so consummate in its nature and so pure in its comprehensive abstractness
that it generally always has a positive, uplifting and inspiring effect.
It's something of an ideal in itself in its unassailable abstraction,
it is, as Lionardo da Vinci said, "the abstract made concrete",
and could thereby be described as a unifying link between the ideal world and reality,
with a kind of Promethean function of uplifting effect to man.
Beethoven sometimes regarded himself as a modern Prometheus
stealing fire from the gods to light up man.
In brief, as a language music has what all other languages lack,
the something extra,
which better can unite all languages and people and nations
than any political speaker can do.
Say it in music, and the message will get through,
while almost any preacher always preached to only deaf auditions.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-02-17 at 13:47

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Music! you define with such rhythm :) thanku for sharing this with me for without music the world would be but a bore!!



weelll done..must have took u log to have all this collected that way...
ur a word master. ok book marked ..applzz..!

hmm keep THIS up