A tribute to the woman who gave me life

It feels like your still here

It feels like your still here
Though you have been gone for many years
It feels like you still close
Though your grave is covered with my tears
It feels like you're still a part of me
Like I never really lost you

Sometimes I think I hear you call
But when I wake up your not there
Sometimes I think I smell you
But no scent can compare
It's like you still live here
In some other realm or space
It's like you still dwell here
Coz where I look I see your face

Sometimes I swear I feel you holding me
But when I reach for you, you're gone
Sometimes I swear you're touching me
Mom I struggle to move on
It feels like your still here

Poetry by nature
Read 647 times
Written on 2010-03-09 at 12:25

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Touched my heart.I was probably older than you when I lost my mother.But no age bars there.It will be nice if you check my simple poem written for my mother

I was touched by this message!

Amar Gurung
ya, you are right, mother is the one who never fails to stand by our side and her absence is always felt..its really sad to lose our mother..lets hope we'll meet her in the new world where there is 'no more pain nor sorrow anymore.'