broken heart

second chance?

we were so in love
it was special what we shared
we had to split said the powers from up above
it didnt matter even how much we cared

you had made up your mind
turned your back and walked away
at that point you were no longer mine
there was nothing i could do or say

you were always with me, even though out of my sight
i thought of you every day
for so long i cried myself to sleep at night
missing you in every way

maybe for us it was the wrong time
maybe it was best for us to part
it took me so long to find
the pieces to my broken heart

three years i gave to you
there was nothing more that i could possibly give
now your back and asking me too
forget the pain and forgive

yes i still love you
i remember what we had, but i cant forget the pain
do you know what your asking me to do?
give you the chance to break my heart again!

Poetry by evo
Read 790 times
Written on 2006-02-25 at 02:18

Tags Heartache 

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I'd write something along the lines of this...if I could. I'm too apethetic at the moment. It's a great poem though!


Hi ! ... This is good stuff . Beautiful flow of words with feelings . Well done ! .... Glen ( GB )

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
this is good portrays the conflict between love, pain and the uncertainties it brings well.