I'm pondering the words "Relation" and "Relationship"
Nothing like "Owner" and "Ownership"
But still somehow they seem to get confused.

You Don't Own Me

Has the woman who gave you birth
Who is not faultless on this Earth
The right to command respect from you?

Surely true respect is earned
And truth and kindness is learned
Not demanded from the mouths of screeching shrews.

Now Papa is gone, we've come undone
You don't have rights to my son
Regardless of your antiquated views

He feels the same way as me
We are not your property, he's 14
And already much smarter than you.

That's the age you kicked me out Mum
It seems you have forgotten some
Your affair unlike me, far too precious to lose

I had put it all behind me
But your viciousness reminds me
Of the choice you made, I was out, I was old news

So don't tell me that I owe you
Nor honor I should bestow you
You've never given me a star to look up too

You never worked or had a job
Drank cheap booze all day with slobs
"You should be seen not heard, get out you two!"

Yes my sister was far too young
To remember your harsh tongue
But she recalls your drunken boyfriend in her room

You say we didn't come with rulebooks
But you should take a good look
At your neglect and what it amounted too

I'll just take it in my gait
Try not to let my son grow up with hate
And show him a Mother to respect and live up too.

Proudly I say the woman I am now
Is in proportion to the vow
I took to never ever, wind up just like you.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 430 times
Written on 2010-04-14 at 05:52

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Rob Graber
It is sad;
but possibly a negative role model
is not all bad...

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Gung Ho Purp...your son is lucky

xxx Stan