Root was a random word selected for me by a friend.


Five hundred years
Twenty generations
Five hundred twenty four thousand
Two hundred and eighty eight

Blood as the only testimony
Birth as our inheritance

Our origins obscured
Entangled in a patrilineage
Names our fathers' mothers' borrowed

A tenuous affiliation
The endorsement of a contract
To perpetuate a bloodline

Our own names not our own
Our membership concealed
But time cannot extinguish
The immortal truth
That we are born of our mothers.

Words by CPom
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Written on 2010-04-18 at 03:29

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PS 524,288 daughters is based on a 500 year ancestor pyramid for one individual, and assumes that a generation is about 25 years. In 500 years, we accumulate about 1,048,576 ancestors. Divide by two to get 524,288.