Two of my students left this term, one off to college, the other moving to another town, after being with me this full first year as a teacher. I was shocked at my feelings of loss, and over some tears in my lunch break today, I penned this.... Good luck

As They Go...

You tell yourself;
Don't be sad!
Don't be foolish, it's crazy
These aren't your babies!
Even though you have adored them
Like your very own
Dried their tears,
Tried to arm them for years to come.....

You wonder, have you?
Given them enough?
The world is cold, it's tough
Will your nods of confidence hold
When hearts become targets?
Will they remember
The nurturing, loving words,
Of the teacher who never forgets them?

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 437 times
Written on 2010-04-22 at 10:01

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John Ashleigh
Life does go on, but I'm sure you have had a huge impact on your students lives. I'm sure you weren't the only one teaching, they must have given you alot of inspiration to spread those tears and write this lovely poem. Keep writing - keep teaching.


Rob Graber
An enjoyable and provocative text. As a former teacher (college), I must say that adoration and tear-drying cannot be the whole story when it comes to preparing young people for the future. Opposite the coddling teacher, however, is the callous one--a good bit worse, I should say!