Take me somewhere far away

Take me somewhere away from here
in some wild paradise
in some forgotten heaven
take me in your protective womb
beyond the stars
somewhere new

I have been surviving among monsters
for so long
and I do not know, I do not know anymore
where I truly belong
Take me where people dance
where people live
take me
in a dead dream.

People do not understand
how hard it is
to be
like a piece of wood
turning around and around
in disbelief
in worry
in grief
Take me somewhere
where I can believe

Take me by the hand
somewhere that our minds have never thought of
another place, beyond logic and time
take me
in an anarchist ideal
in a memory
that exists
so powerfully free

Have I done something wrong by stepping my foot on here?
The world surpasses me as if I am a stranger.
I told you, you do not believe
I do not belong here
take me
away from here
take me where thoughts are free

Poetry by Eva
Read 869 times
Written on 2010-05-16 at 20:41

Tags Life  Dream 

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