I'm Sorry that I love You

Every time I see you
I forget how to breathe,
I bet you can't see
how you've teared me in two.

I'm sorry that I love you
'cause you could never love me back;
somehow she could have you,
but you don't love her, I can see that.

Your on and off girlfriend,
who "loves" you and cares about you,
do you know how many times has she pretended to be my friend,
just to stab me in the back?
I'm not asking you to stand up for me,
I hope you know that.

You've never meant the words "I love you" before,
you have told me so,
I wish I could change that fact,
I deserve the chance,
because for you, I've lost my track.

I could stand by you forever,
I could be everything you need,
but, why am I any better?
you would never lay your eyes on me.

You try to smile at me when you see me,
because you say I'm the purest person you've ever met,
I don't know if you think I'm pretty,
that smile is just out of pity, I bet,
because you also say I don't get the life I deserve.

Poetry by Sketch0117
Read 835 times
Written on 2010-07-17 at 20:26

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