an autobiography of a pilgrim

i was born at nearly noon on the 2nd tuesday on the fourth month of the last year of the 6th decade of last century. i was born some thousand miles away from my parents birthplace. the sixth of six children, fourth among the males.

for six years after my birth we continued living away from our own province. but before my first year in grade school my father retired from his work as security guard of a cement company and the family, except for the eldest who has a new husband and my second eldest brother who has entered the constabulary moved back to our province.

during my first grade, my father died before christmas. my third brother who was my bestfriend among my siblings died after my second grade. during my sixth grade my mother died too midway the school year. before graduation my second sister also passed away.

my first two years in high school was spent with a spinster aunt. the last two years was spent with my first sister in the capital.

during those ten years of grade and high school i got various recognition but i think they were not well deserved as i look back and reflect on my ten years of basic education.

(to be continued)

Words by alberto acampado
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Written on 2006-03-02 at 06:52

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GREAT POEM of yours but sad!!!! welcome here!!!