The dream is to follow the call of your heart.
But what do you do when it's all torn apart?
Ripped into shreds,
all you have is your head,
and now that, isn't even that smart.

The wish, why does it just disappear?
Like a call, turned into a whisper that now you can't hear.
It's all withered, tattered and shattered in two.
A sharp piece for me, and a smooth one for you.

I fought for you endlessly, and guess what? I failed.
My heart ended up just being impaled.
Bleeding right through me,
And yet you cannot see.
The hate you posses for me, nailed.

Falling, I entered your bitter life
One full of fear, an ongoing strife.
My sanity's broken
But I'm still outspoken
You're maliciousness growing so rife.

So it will always burn in my heart now.
These feelings I'll always posses.
But How
Can I make them say goodbye?
Or do I live longer in this ongoing lie.

The dream is to follow the call of your heart.
Both of our faults to blame for this part.
Satisfied I remained devoted, giving you my love
And so it remains with you, a lingering dove.

Poetry by Rawwwwwr Fear Me :]
Read 686 times
Written on 2010-08-30 at 18:42

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Tidy Mess
I loved that poem I have to say it is my favourite now.