Originally inspired by Nepenthes poems: 'Visual eyes' and 'A Minstrel Lies Dying' the old version can be found here: poetbay.com/viewText.php?textId=31761

Ahem!To the harbour! (Revised)

Ahem!To the harbour!
Time for emotional labour
Before the Ship sails!

Ahem!Fellow human!
Or did I mean Ahemait?
The personification of divine
for all the wrongdoings
one had committed in life while still

dwelling in the Hall of Ma'at?
The hall of two truths, the house
of mirrors: What are you? The
truth or the lie - the others see or
do you feel as a lie? Will you die if
the others stop believing in you, leave
you? Will you die if you don’t believe
in you while other do believe in you?
Or are the others - the lie?

Truth and justice sometimes are like
a disambiguation or a silver lining ~

Ahem... -  Ahemait . . . Aha! Déjà vu!

The hearts of those who failed to do the
emotional labour are dying a second death.

Those who tried to swim in the ocean
of emotions instead of getting on the ship
are eaten by a crocodile

. . . and those who keep running away from
the desert run; away from their feelings will
be eaten by a lioness.

Or those who ran through the desert and jumped
in to the ocean will be eaten by a hippopotamus!

Their unworthy hearts will keep experiencing

they are and always will be cast in the lake of fire without ever experiencing the truth about themselves . . .

Ahem to the harbour!

Time for emotional labour before the ship sails!
Said the lady of flame and tenderly embraced
the Master of Time; dressed in red as her body
slowly took on the bright glare of the midday

Sometimes a mother has to observe her children like a vulture, she sighed while she gave a gentle squeeze to the master of time, genuinely smiled when their eyes met . . . when, she continued,

when will they learn that a harbor is not only a place to find refuge at but a shelter to hold and turn over in their mind – The essence of the forgotten prayer?


Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-08-28 at 18:43

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