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1. VuojnŠ ma gŠvnnuji - You see what exists ~
2. One more day in the city . ..
3. The touch of the magic pearl
4. Emotional junkie or emotional alchemist?(revised)
5. Tango of passion(the hidden knife)
6. My soul and my shoes
7. Play your flute
8. When Lovebirds fly . . .
9. Eyes of the Panther
10. The touch of the stars
11. Oh starborn child....
12. The age of dragons passed by so fast(part 1)
13. Love and Lust change your luck *yet another fairytale*Part 2
14. The preacher's son and the birds of fire. Part three
15. A wolf chasing fireflies
16. The night the lights went out
17. The Queen of butterflies
18. $Three dollars, Las Vegas and You!$
19. This is the end?
20. A swirl of sunflowers

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Illusive or reality?
Poetry by
night soul woman

The picture is taken by Dan Cederholm. If I could give a name to this picture it would be Hope :) Sometimes fairytales give us an in depth analysis about how our unconscious mind perceives the world in the dream world. . . Or not? Enjoy. . .

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