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1. In the hall of fame
2. In exchange for your soul?
3. Am a poet on bay
4. Are you a child of the night?
5. If it's a crime(Poetry challenge)Are you up to the challenge poet?
6. The underlying meaning of the poetry challenge(if it's a crime)and the result!
7. My soul and my shoes
8. The Queen of butterflies
9. Tornado intensity(haiku)
10. Listen
11. The lawyer of the heart
12. A night with my lovers(ghost story)
13. Djà Vu 0 - 3
15. A desert road...
16. From the very first scenes, Sparky...
17. Save me from myself
18. Poison
19. Would you be willing to pay...
20. The chariot of the sun co-write with Kathy Lockhart

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Life's Art & Déjà Vu
Poetry by
night soul woman

I went through my poetry archive, read my very first poems and it was so heartwarming, I love our poetbay, so many memories, I read some comments and I smiled, I read some texts I 've written and I wanted to hide but your comments were there, reminded me of great times:) some poems made me chuckle. I enjoyed going through my poems. Am a poet on bay:)poetbay, our poetbay

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