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NOTE:  2010 10 04  00H48 EST  A Season Tied to a Last Scene -

A Season Tied to a Last Scene


No, I refuse to revisit that specific point in time.

I won’t let the season’s change of air

swerve me back onto that memory’s pull

It’s one that is better left sleeping restfully.


I will only say you were a beautiful time

A beautiful friend whom I loved dearly

Today I remember you did for me too

as well as know the last scene wasn’t for me.


And this is where it needs to be kept

No more and no less, or face it all again.

As for time being some kind of healer

some tragedies will no matter just stay raw.


So, instead, on this ‘anniversary’ of your funeral

my thoughts engage on a beautiful time

a beautiful friend whom I loved dearly

and I only will to remember that you did too.


Words by Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2010-10-04 at 06:50

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Alan J Ripley
It astounds me that you put so much of yourself,
In each poem that I've read. I think you are a fine poet,
From your first poem to your last, loved all I've read
So far, F.i.ine
Regards Alan

i agree with Rik
thanks for sharing

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
I concur with the other comments a beautiful piece written with timeless sensitivity. The struggle between the interplay of emotions that memories can release is so clearly portrayed. A very touching read, thanks for posting. :-)

Rob Graber
As beautiful and sad as life itself.

This is such a beautiful take on remembering, excellent title and opening stanza.

The sense of being washed over by memory comes through loud and clear—then, the battle to contain it.


ps I like your stanza form, it adds strength and control to your poem.

Anniversaries. I have banned them from my mind. It's part of day to day, the bohemian way ;-)
Knowing HOW to say things is more important than what we are saying about. That is the art, and you do it well.
Nick xox

Superbly written.