A stray thought while studying my history notes

Hatred and War

War breeds Hate and Hate breeds War
In a neverending cycle
Armies clash and smash and fall
To their leaders a mere trifle

War breeds Hate and Hate breeds War
In a vicious twosome true
Young men fight for a cause so frail
That they will one day come to rue

War breeds Hate and Hate breeds War
When will it ever end?
When will peace be the factor here
And when will deep wounds mend?

Poetry by Mklnay
Read 709 times
Written on 2010-10-21 at 13:57

Tags War 

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Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
How true, how true. Until the whole world recognises the futility of war, it will continue. I like your writing, my friend, although I need to work a little harder to really appreciate some of your texts. What is life without effort?
Please, if you have the time, look at my piece 'Another day, Another way', inspired by Remembrance Day. - Marie

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Ignorance breads fear , ecurged by those who plan to exploit those encouraged. In ww1 , British soldiers we eager to see Germans , the foe , thou most first siteing of Germans , were ded Germans. Some were disappointed '' Core blimey , thear just like us!''. Further back , during the Napoleonic wars. A french ship was wrecked of the North East coast . Two chimpanzee were washed up on the beech. They were arested as French spy's! They were lynched . Today the local people of Hartlepool , are known as '' The monkey hangers! Hatred , ignorance and war.
Ken D Williams

Rob Graber
I like this. It would be even better, to my ear, if the meter established in the first stanza were carried through in the second and third. From this perspective, lines 6 and 10 are a beat too short, line 7 a beat too long. Just a thought; enjoyed the write.