Something I hope will break down the obstacles jamming up my creative juices.

Writer's Block

The curious sensation
Of inimitable frustration
When words refuse to flow
When moonlight does not glow
When you put pen to paper
And find nothing there to cater
To that itch you cannot scratch
Of a window that is latched
On the long sought after rhyming
And that damn elusive timing
Like looking into a room
And finding doom and gloom
Where you thought to find the light
Of a hearthfire burning bright
That is a curse unique
To the literary geek
The one they call a poet
And he didn't even know it.

Poetry by Mklnay
Read 844 times
Written on 2011-03-14 at 08:43

Tags Writers 

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Esti D-G
Oh yes he did! And what a poem he wrote! Excellent wordplay
much enjoyed.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
I know just how you feel


I've never felt that curious sensation. When I don't I write I assume it's because I have nothing to say. Clearly the feeling of being blocked is something unpleasant. But you find moonlight or lack of moonlight, and rhymes, as inspiration and I sense that your writer's block is a fleeting discomfort. I figure writers write, and when they don't, when they take a break from it, they are writers in a different mode: observing & living.

Good "stuff".

I think we can all identify with this and I think you maybe already be on the road to creativity.

"The curious sensation of inimitable frustration" indeed, though one of the ways I try "when words refuse to flow" is imitation of a sort - reading an old favorite poet and rediscovering some passage or perspective that first attracted me to them, trying to put in my own words what that is. It often isn't poetry and almost always gets thrown away or set aside, but sometimes it does lead to some new words or my own. I look forward to more from you.

I agree with John. This is a fine break out. I've heard it said thazt style is a product of our limitations. Perhaps writer's blocks are part of the process of developing style? Just a thought :-)
I enjoyed this,
Thanks, Nick

John Ashleigh
You say you need to start your creative juices, that you have writers block - yet you write something like this. I hope you will find more inspiration in the time to come, my friend. I'll keep an eye out for your poetry. Thankyou.