Black soul

Once upon a time I looked at your face
and saw an angel burning up like a flame.
now that I see clearly deep inside your eyes
fearfully I can see a demon in disguise.

Dressed up in your pretty clothes
talking your beautiful venacular
you looked so utterly spectacular
while you were a room full of holes.

wish I could smash you apart and kill you
make you suffer till you bleed
wish I could be right there to see you
cutting off your flesh,oh how does it feel?

I had a wish to see you happy and smiling
your smile had cracks and broke into pieces.
all you did was playing and hiding
messing with my head and deceiving my senses.

Once upon a time I stared into your soul
and saw it dressed in white like a pure baby's heart
but now, after all this time, my reality is torn apart
your soul is awfully killed by this evil thorn.

The thorn that eats your soul and devours you alive
the thorn that blinds your eyes and makes you bleed
the thorn that makes pain larger than your own life
the thorn that slowly makes you numb, like a pill.

Poetry by Eva
Read 908 times
Written on 2010-11-07 at 18:41

Tags Death  Hate  Love 

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