A little biographical ditty

I Used To Be Shy

I used to be a little thing
and also very shy
I used to be afraid to talk
between hi and good bye

I used to get embarrassed
at the drop of a hat
wouldn't cough it up
if I swallowed a gnat

That would bring attention
to my meek and lowly self
I much preferred a place
on the back of a shelf

But after many years
and experiences of life
adolescence, young adult
independence, a wife

Circumstances forced me
beyond my comfort zone
To get a job, I had to
chance the unknown

After many devistating
mistakes and awkward gaffs
didn't end my life
and later turned to laughs

I became a little braver
more willing to be known
and I soon realized
my confidence had grown

I'd had a life long dream
of becoming a writer
but when it came to self promotion
I wasn't a fighter

With no opportunity
of higher education
I saw no way my dream could ever
come to realization

But faith in The Father's love
caused a timid prayer
asking that a chance to write
would suddenly appear

Within days of my request
a Want Ad caught my eye
a writer was needed for
a newspaper close by

With no previous experience
I bravely applied
and at the age of forty
my dream was realized

I thanked God for His answer
and the courage to apply
That a miracle was granted me
no one can deny

I learned as I did my job
reporting news and sports
I sat through town hall meetings
and by basketball courts

I took notes when school boards met
and reported what was said
I photographed many things
from rebounds to roses red

I met all kinds of people
had adventures beyond my dreams
like flying upside down
in vintage flying machines

With three other bi planes
in sync we did a loop
I became the Red Baron
searching for Ol Snoop

In a WWII Mustang
we did a barrell roll
just above the runway
we came in very low

I could see my husband's face
and the big smile upon it
But it also had a trace
of an envy component

He's an Air Force guy
a flyboy through and through
and riding in that Mustang
was my royal coup

I rode a hot air baloon,
jet fighter and jet truck
where speeding down the runway
I nearly lost my luck

At 350 miles per hour
A G-force suit was needed
Instructions on how to handle the power
were forgotten when most needed

As we reached top speed my world got small
everything turned grey
the next thing I knew I heard a call
Hey lady, are you okay?

It took a moment for my mind
to catch up with the rest of me
I'd left it back at the starting line
when the rockets fired on three

I said, "I think I'll have to wait
to see what my brain has to say
the speed left my mind at the gate
and caused a neurological delay

For ten exciting years I wrote
and enjoyed a bit of fame
I became a local person of note
many people recognized my name

Most gave it kind respect
a few not so much
some wrote of my affect
and how their lives I'd touched

With each compliment
I've felt humbled and awed
So out of my element
Still unworthy and flawed

Yet I've been transformed
from the timid person I'd been
a new attitude was born
and it mostly wears a grin

I think of all the things I've done
and all the people I've met
because I said a prayer
and God honored it

In His time God said, " Yes
a writer you will be"
And in that role I've been blessed
and so happy to be me.

From shy uncomfortableness
to a forum of my own
with my Father's guidance
my, how I have grown

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 465 times
Written on 2010-12-16 at 21:56

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Not only well written but a wonderful and inspiring life-story. You reached for your dream and found more than you could ever have imagined. Your courage is inspiring.

Quite soothing and inspiring... a very gentle flow that in reading gracefully alights from the lips into expectant ears. Thanks for sharing.

Ooops. I overlooked saying I well enjoyed this. I love the sound of those old Merlin engines. I've always thought that this clip does a good job of showing how graceful these older airplanes were.

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=don2J7S8VjY

...and a merry Christmas to you too ;-)