Open Just For You

I never thought I'd feel this way.
I thought my time was through.
Now I simply have to say
No one has moved me like you do.
I thought I'd been in love before.
This feels so brand new.
My heart is an open door,
Open just for you.

Girls have come and girls have gone.
Some stayed for a while.
One stayed far too long
And took away my smile.
You wandered into my world,
Turned it upside down.
With your smile and pretty curls
You took away my frown.

I know it may seem crazy
But know what I say is true.
My past is somewhat hazy
But now my skies are blue.
You know you make my heart sing
Only love songs shared by few.
My heart is an open door,
Open just for you.

Poetry by justaguy
Read 498 times
Written on 2010-11-15 at 14:48

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John Ashleigh
I have bookmarked this poem - I think it will relate to alot of people.

To write poetry this good, I will have to applaud you, as I am momentarily speechless.