Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror, on the wall,
tell me, tell me,
for you, have seen it all.
The faces, and bodies that you have seen,
from thin, to fat, and grossly obscene.

Children in their growing years,
teenage girls, staring hard at their image,
and then bursting into tears.
Young men so proud, and erect,
wanting to loose their virginity,
not knowing what to expect.

Mothers to be, staring,
at the swell off their unborn child,
will it be a boy, or a girl?
I promise to love, and not to let it run wild.

Old men jiggleing their sagging breasts,
wondering, what ever happened to that manly chest.
Women aghast, at what gravity has done,
wishing that their bodies were still trim,
firm, and young.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
please, please, tell me all.


Poetry by Tango
Read 516 times
Written on 2010-12-04 at 10:20

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vladimir todor turmanev
That ruthless master, time. Cleverly written!

John Ashleigh
A timeless ride through people lives. So much truth -with a little hilarity and with a note of seriousness. I to, look through the mirror for years gone by. :)

Your friend,

Great images, and so true. Perhaps it is a good thing that mirrors don't capture images so that we can replay them, compare them and ourselves to what we once were. Truthfully we often weren't all that happy with what we saw there when we were young, and now would give anything to see those reflections again.