The Zenith of Our Nadir

Wrap me in your arms she said...
Bring me into your world
Make me feel the elation
As we are curled...

Yes my love
But we are starting to stall
Where is my desire
When I notice the fall...

Wither away
Emotional stray
Halt the fray
To this I pray

Please don't leave me lonely she said...
Where did we go wrong?
Tossing in my sleep
As I try to remain strong

I love you baby with all my heart
Crying at our demise
My heart bleeds with indecision
When I stare into your eyes

Wither away
Emotional stray
Halt the fray
To this I pray

Want you to feel again she said...
Devoid of devotion and ardour
Is this what we've become?
Can't we try a little harder

What we've become
I cannot fuse again
We have to let it go
The end of the reign

Wither away
Emotional stray
Please halt the fray
To this I pray

Feelings fade
Is it a crime?
What do you do
When it is time...


Poetry by Jonas Garelle
Read 677 times
Written on 2011-01-07 at 01:51

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Nancy Sikora
An excellent portrayal of the disintegration of a relationship.