The Last Dissenting Angel

My time struck midnight
So many sorrowful years ago
And I was flung from comfort
Strewn forth from warm bosom
And love stripped from my heart

You allowed me to softly step aside,
To walk down an off street alley,
To not know either moon nor sun
And released me from this folly
Took me back to where I had begun

We are members of the dawn thrust
Awake please and loosen your dreams
Stroke the chagrin of your lust
And handle your gentle emotion
With the smoothest endeavour

Do the stars only shine for you?
And can they glisten in your eyes
Without my honest apparition
And hopeless flaccid fornication
In your honour and my endeavour

My life is reflected on a raven's wing
Hope on the glint of a shining dew drop
Fantasised dreams, losing the will to sing
And only the dawn can force us to a stop
And it does, a daily death enforced

I want to cradle the shards of your shame
And jigsaw them into a picture
But fragmentation followed by ferment
Fuelled the mistrust and hollow word
We, left silent by distance and darkness

Alas though, my wings are shattered,
And the play unfolds before me
I see the features of the sunset
Dancing lightly on my gilded face
Misty glasses with no magnification

Poetry by A Murder of Crows
Read 801 times
Written on 2011-01-08 at 18:09

Tags Dark  Sex  Lust 

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vladimir todor turmanev
A tragedy.Surely.Well-crafted piece.