Two dear friends of mine died this week on the same day on separate road accidents.My other friend lost his dad a few days ago.This poem is for them who left us void.........Your memories shall never be forgotten.


You left us in a world that is not our home:
Was I in your thoughts...
When you drew the breath that was your last?
Were you afraid....
When you knew your time had come?
Do you look down on me....
When at night my tears cascade?
Do you feel..see....wonder...?
You are not here with me
But you are forever in my heart.

Poetry by she
Read 729 times
Written on 2006-03-09 at 12:05

Tags Goodbye 

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The Lord's people shall also enjoy light in the hour of death. Unbelief laments; the shadows fall, the night is coming, existence is ending. Ah no, crieth faith, the night is far spent, the true day is at hand. Light is come, the light of immortality, the light of a Father's countenance. Gather up thy feet in the bed, see the waiting bands of spirits! Angeles waft thee away. Farewell, beloved one, thou art gone, thou wavest thine hand. Ah, now it is light. The pearly gates are open, the golden streets shine in the jasper light. We cover our eyes, but thou beholdest the unseen, adieu, brother, thou hast light at even-tide, such as we have not yet. [I have written this review each time I read a poem where death strikes] God Bless,

Amanda K
a sweet poem mixed with hidden tears.


Oh.. the deep feeling of grief in this text caught me. Really strong.. I'm impressed.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Such beautiful words, bleeding emotion, in the face of such a tragic chaotic loss. My heart felt sympathies.

What a lovely and touching tribute, She.
I hope you will show this poem to their respective families. It will warm their sad and cold hearts.
Sunny regards,