The Crossing

I dream of a ghost
Faceless, floating
Over a vast and roiling river;
Beckoning, a world away
Past mountains insurmountable
And deserts divide
A foreign land scarred
With twisted fractel paths

I dream of a ghost
A profile silhouette
And hear words whispered
Like chaff on the wind,
'I'm waiting...'
I stretch the cords
That bind me to my world;
Still, they hold.

I dream of a ghost
Face in shadow
I see the bridge now
And hear whispered,
'Cross with me...'
This land is not mine
Are those words for me?
I look around but can't see
The light is too bright.
There's so far to go.

I dream of a ghost
And wonder
If it was only a dream.

January 2009

Poetry by Nancy Sikora
Read 1116 times
Written on 2011-01-25 at 14:45

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vladimir todor turmanev
I believe this work is universal in that it speaks to me,a primitive cretin,bereft of all but a soul.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
It wasn't a dream. You may not know what the longing is for, but it's always there.

Your text and photo are a perfect match. They each enhance the other.

It is a strange Limbo, where ghosts reside. Sometimes I wonder if they don't sublet the closet of the creative atelier.
Very enjoyable reading.

Hans Bump
Transported on a journey by your words, I never touched the ground. Thank you.
Solid structure and never too rigid. It flowed with a rhythm that really enhanced the imagery.
Beautifully done.

Some great adjectives used, ie roiling, fractel. You either have a great imagination, or there is an element of truth in this, or possibly you just woke up from a dream, whatever it is, it makes for a superb poetry.

Rob Graber
A very "haunting" poem. Repeating "I dream of a ghost" is very effective, with the effect augmented by use of the present tense.