I'm sorry but I have to go

Two minutes till Im gone
I'm waiting at the door
I'm waiting for whats behind it
He's sitting on the floor

I know you don't what to say goodbye
you don't want to see my tears
But I don't want to see your back
the back of the person I've known for years

I want to hold your hand
as you hold mine tight
as we play in the rain
and we dance in the night

I knock on your door
but you don't answer me
you will not open up
because you want to set me free

You want me to go
don't think of whats behind
To go forward
with nothing holding me back in my mind

But what you're doing won't help me
I've tried to tell you
why can't you see
I've promised to come back

I have to go now
my plane is about to leave
my parting word as I leave you behind is
I though you loved me

Poetry by Feiyn
Read 755 times
Written on 2006-03-11 at 22:11

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Zoya Zaidi
Feiyn, it is a beautiful poem,
It makes me happy & sad at the same time,
Happy because it is heartfelt, beautifully expressed,
Sad because of its content:
Yes, it is not easy to say goodbye,
That too to a loved one, who you know,
Wants you to go,
And you want to cling on to that what was,
To that what might be?
To that what you hope might come,
And probably know will never come,
Hoping against hope...
Oh yes I know,
It is not easy to say goodbye to a loved on!


Welcome to the bay!

Love, xxx, Zoya