This is for a friend and poet who is also an attorney. With difficult times our faith is tested and doubt can enter our lives.

When In Doubt, Faith Wins Out

You're a man with many talents
God knows them very well
He gave them to you specifically
You have a purpose to fill

You've helped many people
When at their greatest need
With powerless voices
You took their part to plead

The gift of words were given
For you to also use
For thought and education
To entertain and enthuse

The enemy fears greatly
What plans God has for you
Because he knows your strengths
And what a little faith can do

A Roaring Lion prowls round you
Seeking to devour
Any faith building experiences
That will give you greater power

Doubts and human suffering
Are very effective tools
Satan uses them with great success
Then laughs at us as fools.

But God knows even better
Our doubts and broken parts
And seeks to protect
Our fragile human hearts

His business is renewal
He seeks people to mend
Those ill with weakened faith and doubt
And all who have ever sinned

When we can't believe He hears us
When we feel He is far away
He sends The Holy Spirit
To intercede when we can't pray

When it seems He isn't listening
And prayer seems of no use
When suffereing continues
Spiritual talk feels like abuse

But in the dark silence
God has seen and felt and heard
Every cry and heartache
And every pleading word

Because He is defined by love
Because He knows all things
He asks only for a mustard seed faith
To move your mountains and give your heart wings

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 722 times
Written on 2011-03-02 at 18:42

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!

Ferenc Inigo Beck
Very well done. Where faith ends,total emptiness begins.