Abre los ojos

We should be ashamed of the way we live our lives
It's repulsive that 12 year old girls are wives
Men who fathers their own daughter's children
While mothers would rather not see
It happens, abre los ojos! You can't just let it be
I'm jaded and that's putting it mildly
Maybe we're really animals.
That makes a lot more sense you see

How do you go to war and say it's for the greater good
Reject a child just cause his misunderstood
You're opening doors making space for satin to lay his head
Shuffle throwing the blame back and forth instead
Not considering the consequences of your stride
And its evident we place too much value on a man's pride
When really our moral standards cease to exist
So we band God, throw fists and take risks
Still walking head held high unashamed
As our choices pave golden roads to worldly fame
And ignorantly we consider ourselves blessed
When demonic fans pretentiously impressed
As our souls sleep in unrest in realm where evil thrives
on ignorance and pride that evolved into life's currency
And seems we're dead while we're alive it all runs concurrently

Yet we're dance to the beat of satins drum
Undisturbed by what we've become

Poetry by nature
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Written on 2011-03-25 at 06:33

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ngaio Beck
el diablo es el rey aqui!
Very good write!