This one's about those times when someone you love has just told you they are going away and you are totally unprepared for's about those moments soon after they tell you!

15 minutes of Pain

Unaware of the scare she is about to share
I look at her....
From her hips, to her lips, to the tip of her toe
It gets me thinking.....
If I lost that face,
I will have no place in this empty space

As I move near, I see the tear..
Feel the fear, then I hear "Hi Dear"
She stutters " I...I....I"
Given our relation and with the tension,
I use my intuition to gauge the situation.
Her words echo...
"Darling I love you
But I have to Go..go"
Deep within my voice says!

I am full of emotion,I feel this nasty sensation
My world moves in slow motion.
My composure; I can't maintain
The pain in my chest; I can't contain
The pressure of the moment; I can't sustain
But from this love I know.... I wont abstain!

I gather my strong form,
and start preparing her
for her journey home.

As I pack her stuff,
We share a last laugh.
Our past flashes,
Ina split second, from start to end
My last words,cut her like sharp swords.
I say...
"Darling,you are like sugar and spice
and all things nice.....
And when I count my blessings
I will count you twice!"
Then I look into those teary eyes,
And manage to say all my goodbyes.

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 776 times
Written on 2006-03-14 at 10:25

Tags Heartache 

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Zoya Zaidi
An absolute master piece!
Can't find a single flaw in the text!
Perfect rhyme and rhythm
Good flow,
Sustains your interest through out,
Perfect approach,
Structured well,
Like the dialogue of a play!

Running out of any, more adjectives, so will simply say:
It is Fabulous!


Love, xxx, Zoya