A co-write with Galateus, a dear friend and a talented writer. - 25th April 2011.

Pilloried penance.

Pursue that dream, grasp with scarred hands, that lead,
Abolish doubt, that which bleeds in me.
Wipe the sanguine stains upon the sweat of my brow,
Time seems to deplete with velocity now.

Provide this chest a park bench to sit upon,
The ethical feather parades to belong.
Suffer freedom's song to rain on the crowds,
Staying within trails of life avowed.

Plunder the landscape of vital necessity,
Maintain another mile, sustain efficacy.
The sun still beyond sight but the goal, near.
Optical mirage of oasis is all too clear.

Purloin the ruins of maddened monarchs,
Until decay bites stringent, and kills the flock.
Sweep away the cobwebs that strangle my insignificance
Then start again with cerebral penance.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 962 times
Written on 2011-04-25 at 15:58

Tags Galateus  Life 

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as botanical tendrils stretch skyward
toward slivered rays of speckled sunlight
a longing for the simplicity of an all but
forgotten yesterday, tucked within
a breastplate that advances forward
today is all that is left, salve of former
melodies, always incongruous against
dissipating tomorrows, here and now
a flight of cranes in blinding light

Kshiti Dubey The PoetBay support member heart!
It's a very nice poem. I like the message it gives out, of never giving up and to keep trying no matter what the obstacles may be. I loved it. Kudos to you and Galateus

well conjured..a marvelous play of words

A talented combination of poetic minds at work here, well blended. The final two lines are excellent.

mark nwagwu
Sweep away the cobwebs that strangle my insignificance
Then start again with cerebral penance.

the end is brilliant, the rest seems to me a labour - 'the cobwebs that strangle my insignificance' is exquisite

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Well written by you both , John & Galateus , well exprest , good use of word's. Never give up on hope and dreames , with out them . Then life can get harder than it is already .