Enough of all of this...

Don't expect a blanket that covers
The moonlit winter's jab to allow
Cold and dampness to permeate
This night, this day; this eve
To celebrate wicked morrows.

Time gone so long ago, that I hoped death
Would waste those memories before I found them
In Jacob's fright and foggy night.
For, life and pain and rain seem to gain
Pictures of Hell and Heaven once again.

Forever, waltz and dance into the den
And find the extinct language of love,
Of friends, and of their abilities to understand
Who we are, why we exist, and where life brings us.

Poetry by Morpheus
Read 705 times
Written on 2011-04-27 at 07:28

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John Ashleigh
You have great insight into lifes tendencies - and it brightly shows within the lines of this poem. Brilliant.