i hope this a sonnet, i think i rhymed it right :)


I cling to the hope instilled in my heart
I pray for the day when my dream will come true
But for now ill travel on with my horse and cart
Because there's nothing much more I can do
I think back to that day and it fills me with regret
Oh what such a fool i am
I carry now in my heart so much debt
Every minute of the day i think "damn damn damn"
My soul has a lost a part of itself
A fractured splintered mess remains
Alone in a room, just me and myself
Feeling guilt and so much pain

Im left with a feeling of hope given from my guardian angel
But for how long I must cling to this hope; only time will tell

Sonnet by The Metallica Warrior
Read 975 times
Written on 2011-05-30 at 00:00

Tags Hope  Angel 

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cohen fox
A very moving piece, i thouroughly enjoyed. Keep writing