Do We Focus On Our Children

Do we focus on our children?
Do we notice all their needs?
Or do we focus on ourselves,
And sow our un-useful seeds?

Do we think on stable ground?
And teach our children well?
Or does our daily actions,
Send our kids to hell?

Is, all their needs important?
Or do we hide them behind our own?
And shove our children out of sight,
And leave them all alone?

Focus much upon their needs,
And love them most of all,
And really listen to their wants,
And hear their daily call.


Poetry by Donald Thornton
Read 459 times
Written on 2011-06-05 at 21:20

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Never before in the history of humanity
has the world focused more on their children.
Sometimes almost to the point of obsession.
For me it is not the intensity of this focus,
but the quality and the nurture of it that matters.
We see also today far greater dangers to our children
and we aren't always equipped to fight for them
in battles that they are surely unable to fight for themselves.