Written in 2000


Forgiveness is like honey,
It's sweet when its here,
But there's times its lost to us,
And we wonder with our fear.

To forgive is a wonder,
In a world like we've got,
It can be a mystery,
The way we get things taught.

To forgive someone is Godly,
But to love them is even more,
As God is love it self,
Or else we're out the door.

So to you I give my all,
As I love you with my heart,
And if you can forgive me,
Our friendship will never part.


Poetry by Donald Thornton
Read 808 times
Written on 2011-07-09 at 21:07

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Muhammed Nasiruddin Arif
very touching and impressive poetry.... Kudos to you Sir..

vladimir todor turmanev
An inspiring writing,(for those moments of darkness)