written by my wife 9-19-09

Forever Love

Love is special between a man and a woman,
Love is more than words can describe,
Love will last forever,
Love is special in it's own way.

Love is also between a child and it's mother,
Love is for everyone that want's love,
You have to show love, it is not just a word,
Love is special to experience, True Love.

I have experienced True Love,
Love also comes with a true relationship,
I am truly in love with someone,
Love also comes from God Himself.

God loves everyone unconditionally,
We need to love everyone like God does,
God is the root of love,
God is also the root of all good.

Poetry by Donald Thornton
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Written on 2011-06-09 at 20:20

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Donald Thornton
You know its not mind because it don't rhyme, but I thought it was good so I put it here for others to view.