The Secret of Wisdom was inspired in September of 2010

The Secret of Wisdom

Within these writings is the secret of Wisdom, truth, love and power, time without end. I am Wisdom, I gave away Myself and in doing so I created all things, and you will follow in My footsteps, in order to become one with Me.
Until you see this, you will not hear
My Voice, nor see My Hand. You will say: thinking you have the right too, It's my soul and body, I take care of it and I treat others both morals and angel the way it is good for them. You will also say: You will give your all, flesh, spirit, mind, and all your service, to Me forever.
Neither did I give you your flesh or your spirit, to be yours alone. I did not create you to occupy any particular place on Earth for your own sake.
More is the man of darkness ruled by angels, than is the man of light. To the dark, comes the dark; with the dark, abides the dark, both, angels and morals.
If you are not a seer then you learn from the angels, which also can be seers. Through the pure man, pure angels can see mortality as wee as spirituality. And their presence inspires him to understand all things. A pure man is like a clear glass; he can see out of himself, and so, perceive My angels and Me. To the pure there is no selfishness, neither for earthly things, nor for their own flesh and spirit.
If you do not have an ear for music, how would you discover a tune, if you are not in harmony, you deny My Person. Because you are not in harmony you don't really believe in Me, you deny Me. Because you are imperfect in flesh and spirit, you will deny Me. Because you are in darkness, you will not hold fast to Me.
Everyone alike has My Presence, and I am to all, the just and the unjust; I am everywhere, both in darkness and in light.
Man says: Listen! My body was given to me for mine own use and profit, to establish and develop mine own soul to eternal happiness in individuality. Hear me, I will not be used, by man or angel, for it would be prostituting my flesh and my spirit to others. Whatever I can add to my stature, it shall be mine. Wiser is it for me to attain to know, and do things on my own, as to have angels come and give to me or even to teach through me. I will not be a seer or prophet, so I will not have angels with me to teach me, or to give me any light or knowledge under the sun.
Wisdom speaks of more: When you put away all unclean thoughts and all selfish desires, and seek to obtain Wisdom, and to learn how to best help your fellow man, then My angels of light and wisdom come to you and by virtue of their presence, which you see not, they inspire your soul in the light of your Creator. When you make and keep your flesh body pure and clean, My angels who are pure and clean, they will come to you to aid you and enlighten you. Remember also, as by My Presence I inspire you, when you work with Me, and you do righteously, and with purity and love, so also is it with you in regard to My angels.
I have also given certain days when large congregations on Earth may be met by My organic heavens, in reunion, mortals and angels, for the happiness of both, and for the glory of My work, but I have kept this day secret from the Christians world.

Seeker of Wisdom

Short story by Donald Thornton
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Written on 2011-06-10 at 02:46

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