noticeable change

Carried To Extremes

If you observed, as I have done,
And noticed the world change,
How things we loved, have lost their fun,
And moved totally out of range.

Where once the places we liked to go,
Are gone without a trace,
And all the things we felt were so,
Are just plainly not the case.

Where once we hunted tiny rocks,
And buildings replaced them all,
And the paths we took all our walks,
Are parking lots, or just a Mall.

To what extreme must we exit?
To have the things we had,
And what things must we know?
To remove all the things so bad.

Things are far from what they were,
Most remote, utmost to the greatest degree,
So nothing now, or today is sure,
And nothing is really what you see.

To bring back from drastic ways,
To the gifts we once observed,
To return to all good days,
When morals and truth were served.


Poetry by Donald Thornton
Read 498 times
Written on 2011-06-15 at 20:41

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it is always the old good days we are looking for. good words