Seen from both sides

How To remove The Veil

How to remove this Veil, we have.
The Understanding would be fair.
Before, one can remove anything at all,
You'd need to know its there!

So first, what is this Veil of Soul?
This space between then and now,
What's there, that separates us from God,
And why is it there, anyhow?

It's a place of seven heavens,
That each of us has passed,
Each relate, to creations of God,
That is why we last.

We started as rock, call Earth,
But very much alive,
Then vegetable, and animal,
Then finally, man arrived.

Well, in this transformation,
From the solid to the flesh,
We went through the heavens,
Put together like a finely knitted mesh.

While in this transformation,
This Veil was being laid,
But like a mirror, when we pass,
The foundation is firmly made.

There is no return in the flesh,
But the Spirit absorbs it all,
And as passing, as in death,
Our efforts are held real tall.

Once again we pass those places,
And life becomes anew,
We may do this, a thousand times,
Before we get it through.

So buck up and clear your stress,
It gets better every time,
Each time you come around,
You write a better rhyme.

So learn a lot and you'll pass your Veil,
And see these things are True,
Then it will disappear,
Right in front of you!


Poetry by Donald Thornton
Read 526 times
Written on 2011-06-22 at 08:01

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jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
all i can say donald is i have no need of veils :)
from one side of obfuscation or the other
enjoyed :)