This is about birth,death and endless life circle


After the greatest pain of all
not that we regret nor recall
thus body embraces a pure soul
answer to the most innocent call

Joy it brings to the fair one
Pride it is to the brave one
but deep beneath the clear blue eyes
awaits a victim of truth to rise

so here begins a journey of reason
joys,sorrows and bonds of poison
desire of desire no satisfaction
endless struggle of circulation

years pass by to rise to fall
trapped by bonds of desire call
though meets no end not at all
leaves the body a crippled soul

Poetry by mugs2011
Read 379 times
Written on 2011-06-22 at 08:11

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awww thank you so much ducks.
This is my first one. So your comment means a
lot to me :) and I do agree about the rhythm I gotta think about it next time. thanx agn.

tragically beautiful
I found this work to be truly moving in terms of how you slowly but surely arrived at the poem's destination
-I really like "a crippled soul" --brings a very vivid image to mind
--one comment: I have found in my own writing that things flow better if each of my lines hold the same rhythm/number of syllables
Very Good write though. Keep writing!