Run Assange, run!

Run Assange,

You have hit a nerve with the Galactic Republic,
the Flying Saucer Police have your identity;
all space stations have increased their security.

Clearly, we may find the Power with it's pants down -
of course!

But not in this way -
that's cheating!

It is terrorism against states -
revealing States terrorism -

you should have known!

and whatever you do,
you can not win.

Soon you will stand trial,
accused of crimes against humanity,

one has namely been found,
that you have participated,
in the Visigoths devastation of Rome 410,
and that you betrayed Jerusalem to Saladin in 1187,

- There are photographic proofs in mosaic!

Your lawyers have no chance;
Laws will vaporise like melting candle wax,
in whatever country you come to,

all high technology is programmed against you,
anything that speaks to your benefit has gone up in smoke,
your balance is suddenly reset,
all your friends are gone,
soon also your name,
with any biological or electronic trace of you,

so run Assange,

the Galactic Republic is coming!

Words by Peter Matsa
Read 587 times
Written on 2011-07-01 at 15:20

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