Addiction to love

I became all I smile, giggled, laughed, leaped
Ecstasy made it existence through me,
Enduring your love
Now i weep, hate, envy...
Still my heart craves for it,
Desperate to become jealous again
Desperate to hate you
And see love reflect through your mesmerizing eyes
Feel the warmth penetrating my skin,
Kiss every cheek and make my heart beat every second
Feel the rhythm vibrate my soul,
Picture you in my eyes
Vision of your smile that had said it all,
Smile that killed me,
Why do I wish to be killed?
Climbing over every wall encircling me,
Ripping myself apart,
Addiction to love,
Love that assassinated me
Stabbed my laughter
Sabotaged my existence
But why?
Still does this heart beg for it,
And ponder over the thought,
That I still need the love,
I crave for the red,
I wander for that pain,
I die within myself for that addiction,
And wish every moment for death to seize my veins,
Clutch my heartbeat to freeze,
My breath to die out in the coldness, soothing me
Emulsifying pain with my blood
To make me breathe again.

Poetry by Ekisha Sharma
Read 662 times
Written on 2011-07-03 at 12:09

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Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
You write with astonishing maturity about the feelings that some might see as immature.

Thank you, it is nice to see a post of yours here after so long. ♥