Victim of Marriage 3

When my father suffered
I suffered with him
When he had no food
I went hungry
When he lacked care
And was lonely
I suffered thesame fate

Now that my mother is suffering
I am suffering with her
I lack care
And attention
My life is gettin worse
As the day passes by
A case of
From frying pan to fire

Oh what a life of pain
And anguish
I am the Victim of Marriage

Poetry by Okuola Paul Abiola
Read 493 times
Written on 2011-08-11 at 18:25

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
It is difficult for me to pass commandment. I am reminded of the story of my great granmother. I am the caryer of the history of both sides of my family. My great grandmother , she was southern Irish , the great Irish famin still fresh in Irish minds. My great grandfsther was a horse & pony trider. Owned one farm ( ranch ) & rented a 2nd. One day he desided to take ( Colleen , sadly I do not know her name as Colleen is the Irish for Girl/woman I gave her a name) a wife. Coleeans father was only to pleased to see his daughter marred , away from the hunger and the fear of it. So Collen set of for north wails. She soon Lernern in to what she was now set for. To bring this to an end I will take you to the end of the family story. She had 4 sons & 2 daughter's. One breakfast morning , all 7 were sat at the kitchen table. In those days children were to be seen but never heird. One son , Jo ,who was to come my grandfather. Spoke , his father , grabde a log meant for the kitchen fire. Jumpt on to the table , and laid about him. That night greet grandmother , gatherd all the childen , and went north to England. Set a life fore her self and her 6 siblings. Choosing poverty over wealth. So starting the end of violance with in the family. I hope you do not mind me to much in my thinking and typing out my response.
Ken D Williams