if you were standing beside me

If you were standing beside me, it would be the most vulnerable feeling...
The Saturn rings in my eyes would suddenly break and calm the confusion,
leaving me unbelt, my pulse would occasionally stop to listen if you listen the sounds of my tongue.
I'd quiver the frailty out , visible in each of my bones and offer you my shivering hand if...
If you'd take it, I could never actually know if you are here to stay, for ever, for today.
If you were standing  beside me, my uncertainty would increase
and I'd had to play with knots, master this new art,
making you even more animistic in your smart,
making you the beast with wounded heart.
If you were here beside me, I'd love you more then life
and I'd enter your skin and mix within as rain drops do with my tears
that fall, for you're not here, not beside me, to closen me  my fears.


Poetry by Bjanka
Read 772 times
Written on 2011-09-24 at 15:32

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