About the double edged sword of neglected care... At least that's what was in my mind when I wrote this, but this could easily be about something entirely different too.

Not sure if I will ever rewrite this... Maybe on a revisit some day...

Ice! (Raw)

Are you cold? I am.

Everyone, encased in ice.

There is no warmth in this world, can't you feel it? That's what I used to say.


Don't come to me for warmth, I have none for you! That's what I used to feel.


I'm a human icicle, and I know who to blame! Go away.

Looking back, I see my frozen soul. Can't you see it?

I watch your eyes.

You're shivering...

... Because of me?

Poetry by mickeko
Read 1106 times
Written on 2011-10-08 at 22:45

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A piercing piece, mickeko...
Each sentence throbs as my heart recalls similar past non-feelings. The harsh reality of neglect, the need to distance oneself as coping mechanism perhaps.
Yet I am a world away from ice tonight. I am fantastically hot.