Death by car accidnet. My spelling sucks though.

Saying goodbye

// Your smile stretches from ear to ear, as your soft hands play at my back. I can't tell you how much I miss you, cause you're already gone. //

I knock at your door I see you smile, as you walk out into the world, grabbing my hand in the process.

// I loved it when you held my hand. Your hands were always warm against my cool ones. Your hands were large compared to my small ones. But most of all, they made me feel safe. //

Its slightly cold but we don't care. Hand and hand we walk to the park.
I go to my favorite piece of playground equipment. The swing set.

// I am eight years old and cannot swing by myself. I sit on one, tears falling down my face as the sun starts to set. A little boy comes up to me. He's scowling. "I don't like it when you cry." He said it as a fact. His scowl turned up into a smile. It was a beautiful smile. It made me laugh. He started to push me on the swing. I got higher and higher, swinging towards a setting sun.//

Your hands press against my back and you start to push me. I wonder if you are thinking of the time years ago when we first met too. Your eyes say you are.

// Swinging forward and back, playing with you and playing with time, looking towards the sky. It will get dark soon and it will be time to say goodbye. //

You're getting tired. I can tell. But you won't stop because of that. So I save you and your manly pride and jump off the swing laughing, as you collapse beside me. Always smiling.

// You walk away, not seeing me fall. I've lost my smile as you slowly start to fade away//

We're walking home by the street, the wind tousling our hair, blowing my hat off. You laugh.

// Always laughing, a clear voice calling me home, I wanted to keep your voice in a box. I will never hear your laugh again and I will never see your smile, as you slowly become the stars. //

You chase after my hat. Thats when it happens. It went slowly... slowly and then started to speed up. TheCarCameAndSmashedIntoYourBodyThrowingYouToTheSideOfTheRoad, and all I can do is scream.

// I wanted you to smile. I wanted you to say "it's okay, I'll be fine." Those words never came. //

I was holding you as you grew cold. Thinking...

// Maybe if I hold a little tighter you won't leave me behind. //

I didn't hold you tight enough.

Because now you're gone.

Short story by Feiyn
Read 794 times
Written on 2006-03-22 at 13:45

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This is beautiful... touching.. dark... yet somehow, it punches the right buttons for the tears...

Christian Ward
This is so dark but there is a poignancy to it.