My love to you is like some service of divinity,
completely voluntary and in character religious,
since religion actually brought us together
and kept us united for some time in service
until nature brought on a divorce of destiny
to almost last a lifetime, an eternity of limbo
while we were the gadgets of our destiny
to play with and to handle roughly,
teaching us some karmic lessons about life,
relationships and how we always must return
to basics, to ourselves and to our origin,
how we were created, and to our debts
to those who made our lives and beings possible;
and thus we always have our piety to stick to,
which has always followed us like guardian angels
for protection against worldly troubles and deceits,
to always stick to ourselves and to our truth
of character, of truth and of our obligations
to ourselves, our families and to our plights and duties,
wherein we shall always find each other
for our warmth and comfort, inspiration and protection
in our love, the secret of our lives,
for no one can live without love,
which is the key to life and to eternity,
which only can be handled by the means of loyalty.
So here we are again, referred to one another,
as if our love as children in all innocence
was powerful enough to last for all our lives
and keep us well protected in eternity.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 566 times
Written on 2011-12-07 at 13:30

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