Just that when someone does something hurtful you tend to be harsh with words..gots lotsa 'respeck' for ladies! This one's about what i expect off loving someone..

Oh MY...(That Bitch)

Oh my....
Where do I begin?
At the start, when we part or
when we sat in my flat.
Should I begin,
When we first quenched our thirst,
built our past as i thrust
thing on her thing my
whole being feeling like a king?

Oh my...
She er..er.. was
well equipped my heart flipped
my world tippped as she sipped
Every bit of our..(you know).. our..my..
love,all my love, all i have,without reserve
I did not deserve,what she had me served

Oh my...
That Bitch!
So bold,so cold, she was paroled am told
All this events unfold as I..I..
Light my torch from my porch
As I watch like a coach...
Booking and marching
Looking and searching
for someone to..
Someone to...
kiss me and pat me
love me and hug me!

Oh my...
That Bitch!
She broke the foundation,
with no consolation,
left me in such devastation!

But I...I...

Got up and picked up..
See, that's how I was brought up,
Picked up the pieces of..of...
My love,all my love,all i have
what I have, I give without reserve
And hope that someone will..
Someone will...

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 755 times
Written on 2006-03-23 at 11:38

Tags Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
You really have given vent to your feelings beautifully Ink'wa!
Vey expressive piece!
I can literally see you fuming and frothing while reading this poem!
Well done!!!
Love, xxx, Zoya

You said so much of what I feel inside right now in a way I could never write.

Thanks for sharing this with us