The problem of rights

Being right is more important than to force your right.
The Tibetans, being under occupation now since more than 60 years,
oppressed by tyranny, bereft of their own land and independence,
having had their culture almost extirpated and demolished,
putting fire to themselves in desperate suicidal protest
are completely right, while the Chinese, insisting on their tyranny
are hopelessly completely wrong for all their overbearing dominating violence
in which nothing morally can save them.
The dogmatic church and other such monotheistic institutions
have for some millennia hounded, persecuted and put free-thinkers to death,
while these were in the right, the martyrs, heretics and pagans,
like Giordano Bruno and Jan Hus, Jeanne d'Arc and all the executed witches,
while their executioners of islam and the church were hopelessly completely wrong
and will be judged so for eternity, and there is nothing that can save them morally.
The losers, martyrs, scapegoats, sacrifices and all victims
win eternity and will forever be atoned for and remembered,
while their murderers, no matter how victorious they are,
will lose forever and can never save their faces.
They are damned, accursed forever, blighted and condemned,
while those who were put to the stake and sacrificed
will live forever and triumphantly,
universally acknowledged and acclaimed
as morally superior forever
to those dogs who did them in,
in which case there is nothing that can save them,
moral victory and right outshining
all the victories of gain and greed,
which eventually must come to nothing;
while there is no labour more rewarding
than that of the moral power of the soul.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2011-12-20 at 11:26

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