.. was chatting with my friend Kevin "Man Njoro" waithaka..then a poem happened..

Choetry (Chat +Poetry)

Time is money the future holds my prospect..

but if the money fades away time and memories are all we have
hence the future is but yesterdays

so as i step towards tomorrow i glance back in retrospect

but steel my heart and gear my soul for whats to come
for nothing new is based solely on precedence

the future holds my dreams the present is my residence
the logic is to be positive negatives cancelled by common sense

not trying to gather riches at my souls expense
for no matter the tense there is an eternity to my presence

So as my soul tango's with time am destined for the horizon

I strive to be the same, with madodo at mama ouma's
or the hilton terra maison.

Am escargot or potatoes pounded
They always dust off my coat
not bcz i fell...cz time keeps me grounded

so you could say in any time space my mind state's all rounded...

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 539 times
Written on 2011-12-18 at 15:52

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