Today, Indians are celebrating a festival called HOLI. Happy Holi :)

Festival of colors (HOLI)

There is color everywhere
Hues of purple, yellow and green
There is color everywhere
Be it sheets, dirty or clean

I see a gang of kids
Screaming and scampering
As they throw colors at each other
Laughing and giggling

There is no white and no black
There is no 'Brahmin' and no 'Shudra'
There is no rich and no poor
There is no literate and no illiterate

As the colors paint everyone as one
And as the sweets spiked with 'bhang'
Makes people forget everything except joy
They soak themselves and each other in 'rang'

Interestingly, today is the only day
When even the most boring of persons
Who plays HOLI can say

P.S.: Brahmin - The priestly caste in India;
Shudra - The lowest caste in India (The caste system is very much prevalent in India);
Bhang - A preparation from cannabis plant used as a intoxicant when mixed with drinks and food preparations;
Rang - color in Hindi

Poetry by Amy Valentina
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Written on 2012-03-09 at 05:44

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
HAPPY HAPPY Holi , Amy WOOOO . May the colors brighten
the lifes of all now and always. One day of beauty , in the coming day , back to black and gray. Rather like Christmas day hear and elsewhere. Then the pore goo back to becoming porer , the retch return to becoming richer.
Ken D Williams

Happy Holi! We are one!