This has been in my mind for some time now, I'm still not entirely sure I'm done with it.

It's about going all-in.

Because I'm naturally drawn toward death

In solitude we walk.
Everything said, everything done.
The spoils of my mind struggling.
I'm an empty vessel.

I reach out with my hand,
in an offering of nothing.
I gamble with what's left of me,
because I'm naturally drawn toward death.

Poetry by mickeko
Read 1091 times
Written on 2012-03-12 at 22:45

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As usual, Mickeko, a sad read but interesting,
and thought provoking.

"As a shadow I walk in the land of the dead"

A favourite quote, that is why I like this prose.
I write about Death as well, as you know.
I have seen Death more than once,
the next time may well be my last....

This is a great piece.